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Located in the local area, I am a crafter that sells a collection of deco mesh wreaths. Whether you want to decorate homes, offices, shops, or you just want a beautifu, fun wreath, Christi's Creations is just the perfect place for you. When you visit our store you will have access to a wide range of holiday, seasonal, and everyday wreaths. Contact us today through our booking form for a quote or more information on our stock.

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I have a wide range of handmade wreaths to offer because I aspire to meet all of your decorating needs. If you are a new home owner, stage for sale homes, or just want to spruce up the office, I can help you find what you need from my stock. If your looking for something special, please let me know for I am always willing to make a custom wreath you will love. I aim to provide the best and highest quality available.


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